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1. Nifty/ Bank Nifty / Stocks Trading alerts on your whatsapp as soon as a trade is signaled, in market hours With Technical charts indicating actions to be taken, stoploss levels and reversals levels

2. Training in Futures and Options Trading.

3. Candlesticks / Support and Resistances Training.

4. Free Technical analysis workshops.

5. Detailed Stocks and Sector technical analysis reports. With Buy/Add/Hold/Sell/Wait and Avoid details with Technical Charts. (for short term,medium term and long term holdings) Unlimited support on whatsapp and calls. Technical analysis report on demand. (stocks of your choice) Support in market trading hours.

Three months subscription + Training 3000/-Rs
One year subscription + Training 9000/-Rs

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Careers and Partnerships

People who are interested make a career/profession in stockmarkets will get more detailed training on all aspects of markets and economy.
For students Internship online and offline
Become a Trader, Technical analyst, Investment consultant/advisor, fund manager.
Training on :
Analysis of company reports/ratios.
Sector analysis, Fundamental and Technical analysis
Indepth technical analysis
identification of trend, reversals , candlesticks, gaps, support/resistance understanding, breakouts, failures etc.
Portfolio construction/ management/reviewing/rebalancing
Portfolio hedging using nifty futures and options, stock options
Options trading strategies.
This is recommended for students (studying and completed, any domain) and professionals
students can avail 30 % discount on annual subscription/fees.
Earn while you learn.
People who are interested to take up stockmarkets as business can contact us to start Investment Management / Asset Management Business / Hedge Funds.

Understanding stock markets is a slow process.
Self learning can take decades, with guidance participants can take measured steps
in trading and investment in stockmarkets.


Technical Analyst, Economist, Data Scientist, Fund Manager


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